Nature photographers are explorers. Each time we bring the camera to our eye, we hope to discover something as pleasing in the viewfinder as is in our mind’s eye. And in the effort, we’ll likely learn something new about our subjects and ourselves.

The elements of a Photography Workshop and a Photography Tour and the differences between the two are explained below. If you'd like to know more about these experiences, send an email.



February 24-28, 2020



Explore dramatic desert landscapes from graphic sand dunes and salt flats to rugged mountain ranges and banded bluffs at the perfect time of year. The days include field trips each morning and afternoon with midday classroom sessions and image critiques. Our small group size means you'll get plenty of individual attention. Learn more and Register.

May 20-24, 2020 -- Postponed: ask for updates


Bandon, Oregon

Discover Oregon's rugged coast with its seaside landscapes, tide pools, lighthouses, ancient forests and lush gardens. The days include field trips each morning and afternoon with midday classroom sessions and image critiques. Learn more and Register.

June 16-21, 2020 -- Postponed: ask for updates

PALOUSE REGION of Washington

Colfax, Washington

Find out why photographers are fond of Eastern Washington's graphic farmland landscapes, classic barns, rustic cars and tractors, and the angular light that brings them all to life. The days include field trips each morning and afternoon with midday classroom sessions and image critiques. Learn more and Register.

July 12-18, 2020

ELEMENTS OF NATURE: The Essentials of Outdoor Photography

Maine Media Workshops :: At the Rockport, Maine campus

Expand your skills and fine tune your vision for making better, more-creative images in natural light. This is considered an Intermediate/Advanced workshop.


Explore the principles and practices for making better images outdoors in natural light. From landscapes to closeups to wildlife, learn to consistently create satisfying photographs with your digital SLR camera for a variety of subjects, light and weather conditions. 


Through the combination of classroom sessions, field trips and image critiques, expect to improve your understanding of the technical and artistic aspects of outdoor and nature photography.  ::  This workshop is held on the Maine Media campus, Rockport, Maine. More information posted soon. Learn more and Register.

October 14-18, 2020



Capture autumn in Maine from first light on the rocky shoreline to last light on its granite bluffs. The Northeast’s premier park is at its seasonal best when we explore its seascapes, forests, ponds, harbors and grand landscapes. Daily morning and afternoon outings with midday classroom sessions and image critiques round out our Acadia adventure. Learn more and Register.

October 28 - November 1, 2020

Photo Tour



Its stoic peaks, banded sandstone canyons, slickrock outcroppings and a winding river give Zion National Park its iconic beauty. Add classic sunrises and sunsets and the stage is set for a photographic adventure in one of the West's best national parks.


For our TOUR, we'll make the most of each day from predawn light until dark as conditions allow. In the field, we'll consider how best to capture different aspects of our surroundings. Demonstrations and individual instruction will complement our abundant time to explore Zion's vistas and details. More information posted soon. Interested? Ask for a Zion Tour update.

November 11-15, 2020



A 14,000-acre National Wildlife Refuge, Chincoteague is a small barrier island off the coast of Virginia and is a nature photographer's dream. This unspoiled, diverse land of dunes, beaches, marshes and maritime forests provides habitat for more than 300 species of birds.


Our November workshop comes at the right time for photographing waterfowl at the peak of their migration. Daily morning and afternoon field trips with midday classroom sessions and image critiques. Learn More and Register.

PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOPS are ideal places for learning. You'll examine new photographic techniques, develop new image-making skills and test them in the field -- all while you explore great locations at the right times with like-minded people who are on their own paths of discovery.


A workshop combines all the elements of good learning. Classroom sessions introduce you to new ideas and methods. Field sessions allow you to put them into practice. Critique sessions where you view your work along with that of others give you a chance to evaluate images' strengths and places for improvement without a concern for judgment. And every step of the way, you have the benefit of instructors who are eager to help you improve your photographic skills.

PHOTOGRAPHY TOURS are special opportunities to explore great places at the right times with adventurous photographers and experienced leaders. Days are filled with field trips which most often include first light, last light and all kinds of conditions in between. Instructors discuss how to approach each opportunity along the way. Tours are as close to a total immersion experience as you get.

Learn about nature and photography through the photo Galleries and the photo Journal. When it's time to create your own images, join me for a photographic Workshop or Tour. We'll explore great places at the right times with like-minded photographers who are on their own paths of discovery.

Explore Great Places, Learn New Skills, Create Better Photographs.


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