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Sometimes a small annoyance can be a big distraction. Like a splinter in your finger tip, an unwanted element in a composition may sting every time you bump into it. Here is how I dealt with an errant leaf that begged to be digitally pruned away.

Read more in a new JOURNAL entry entitled AS ANNOYING AS A SPLINTER


October 14-18, 2020




Capture autumn in Maine from first light on the rocky shoreline to last light on its granite bluffs. The Northeast’s premier park is at its seasonal best when we explore its seascapes, forests, ponds, harbors and grand landscapes. Daily morning and afternoon outings with midday classroom sessions and image critiques round out our Acadia adventure.

Read more on the WORKSHOPS and TOURS page.


Something Old, Something New for Wildlife Work. Here are two long-lens accessories I can't do without when I'm photographing birds and mammals with a 500mm f/4 lens from a tripod, which is my habit.

Wimberley SK-100 Sidekick Gimbal Head Adapter: This clever accessory attaches to the quick-release brackets of both the lens and the tripod's ball head. Once it's connected and balanced, the heavy lens can pan and tilt quickly and easily. This makes it simple to focus on and follow wildlife on the move.

The Sidekick and the Really Right Stuff ball head fit together quickly and neatly. They work smoothly as a unit so well you'd think you were using a more expensive gimbal head. I've had it for years and I've used it for birds and mammals with equal satisfaction.

See it and more information about it at: wimberley sidekick gimbal

Foto Sharp's "30-inch Universal Camouflage 'PRO' Camera Rain Cover" is a new favorite. It covers the 500mm f/4 lens and an attached body from end to end. It's made of a urethane-coated ripstop nylon, so the fabric is waterproof & durable. It goes on and comes off quickly. It allows easy access to camera controls. I like that it's not over-engineered like some rain covers I've had. You won't fumble with too many tabs and straps when the rain starts to fall. And you'll find it's not bulky or complicated to fold up and stow when the rain stops. Order the "MIXED" color and you'll save $10. Find it here: 30-inch Universal Camouflage "PRO" Camera Rain Cover

See all other sizes of PRO rain covers here: http://fotosharp.com/pro_camera_rain_covers.html


Read more about the Sidekick in my JOURNAL entry WEATHER OR NOT here.



October 28 - November 1, 2020

Photo Tour




Its stoic peaks, banded sandstone canyons, slickrock outcroppings and a winding river give Zion National Park its iconic beauty. Add classic sunrises and sunsets and the stage is set for a photographic adventure in one of the West's best national parks.


For our TOUR, we'll make the most of each day from predawn light until dark as conditions allow. In the field, we'll consider how best to capture different aspects of our surroundings. Demonstrations and individual instruction will complement our abundant time to explore Zion's vistas and details. More information posted soon.

Read more on the WORKSHOPS AND TOURS page.

A REUNION IN THE FIELD   Joining an Old Friend for New Adventures

A good friend is like a good sunrise -- a surprise that never gets old.

I'm pleased to join Rod Barbee for three workshops and a tour this year and four workshops next year. We co-led workshops years ago until we found challenges that took us in different directions. Now we'll get together again for new adventures in some of our favorite places.

Rod is a wonderful photographer, teacher and friend. I know we both look forward to sharing the trail and the view with like-minded photographers again. It's the best way I know to renew old friendships and make new ones.


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