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The Bald eagle nesting population in Indiana has bounced back in the last one-hundred years from no nesting pairs to 350 pairs. That success has prompted officials to remove the birds from the state's endangered species list. But now they face a new danger: lead poisoning. 

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June 14-19, 2022


Colfax, Washington

Explore the graphic landscapes of Eastern Washington's farm country and all the subjects that make it a favorite place for photography. Our small group with two instructors promises you lots of individual attention in the field and in the classroom.

SIGN UP SOON. A few openings are still available, so don't miss out.


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Palouse barn.jpg


It's retirement time -- for my favorite photo backpack. Semi-retirement is more like it. We've been many places together and it still has some miles left in it, so I can't say farewell to this old friend yet.


My LowePro ProTrekker AW is more than 20 years old. Some parts of it show their age and others don't. The zippers show it the most. They have grown chronically stubborn, sometimes refusing to close without a curse-inducing struggle. That's not a feature for the sales brochure. Then there are old parts of me that are chronically stubborn, too, so I've learned to be gentle and forgiving with the old timer.

It still carries the 500mm f/4 lens better than any bag I've owned. The generous interior space and the comfortable shoulder straps, hip belt and back padding are perfect for a heavy load. For that reason alone, I'll keep this old friend in the rotation.

A MindShift Backlight 36L is the new bag in town. MindShift is a sister company of ThinkTank. Both make outstanding photo gear. The Backlight's shoulder straps and hip belt are well designed. It has good interior space, more room for personal items like clothing and food separate from the camera gear and it meets most carry-on standards for domestic and international airlines.

The new trick my old brain had to learn is how the bag opens. Instead of laying the pack on the ground straps down, you place it face down/straps up and unzip the back panel to access the main compartment of the bag. It means breaking an old habit that's second nature to me. That is a Mind Shift.


This feature is meant to keep the straps and back padding clean when you're working in the field. It does just that which is another happy reason for making the Backlight 36L my new everyday photo backpack.

Every time I use the new bag, I prove to myself that this Old Dog can still learn a new trick. Who's a Good Boy?

Check out MindShift and ThinkTank gear and get a free gift and a special offer on your order when you CLICK HERE.

Photog in DV dunes.jpg

A REUNION IN THE FIELD   Joining an Old Friend for New Adventures

A good friend is like a good sunrise -- a surprise that never gets old.

I'm pleased to join Rod Barbee for five upcoming workshops. We co-led workshops years ago until we found challenges that took us in different directions. Now we're getting together again for new adventures in some of our favorite places.

Rod is a wonderful photographer, teacher and friend. I know we both look forward to sharing the trail and the view with like-minded photographers again. It's the best way I know to renew old friendships and make new ones.


Join us in the Palouse Region of Washington and on the Oregon Coast.

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