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I'm choosing between desire and danger. When autumn color calls, my heart says "go." But in this time of a COVID-19 resurgence, my head says "no." How do you deal with a two-faced photographic spirit when the season begs to be explored?

Read more in a new JOURNAL entry entitled A TWO-FACED AUTUMN


May 19-23, 2021


Bandon, Oregon


Discover Oregon's rugged coast with its seaside landscapes, tide pools, lighthouses, ancient forests and lush gardens. The days include field trips each morning and afternoon with midday classroom sessions and image critiques. Dates and details to be announced.

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Oregon lighthouse_edited.jpg


Mucking around is a part of any good photo adventure. And it's best done with the right gear.


When I was a kid, I couldn't pass a puddle without exploring it -- sometimes around the perimeter, sometimes up to my ankles in it.


These days, I'm more serious about my mucking around. That calls for some serious footwear.  Whether I'm dabbling in calm water or standing in a flowing stream, the adventure is made possible by a good pair of knee-high rubber boots.

Muckmaster boots in puddle.jpg

I like Muck Brand Boots for my adult version of puddle exploration. Above I'm wearing their Muckmaster Gold boots. They are built like the top-selling Wetland model, but are handled by a few farm stores at a reduced price. They are sturdy, well-made and water tight. The soles are rugged and the insoles are comfortable all day. I wear them with wool socks over thin, poly wicking liners.

The Muckmaster Gold's tread pattern is the same as the Wetland's. It's designed to grip in the mud but not collect it. The rubber collar of the Muckmaster's outer rises higher to protect your shins from brush and branches. And the neoprene upper can be rolled down to accommodate tucking in your pant legs or for cooling off your calves.

I've worn these boots in all seasons, through water, mud, snow and slush without a care. They stay warm, dry and comfortable even after wearing them all day. They move with you every step instead of against you like all-rubber boots do. Find them at Rural King.

When I'm traveling light, I pack NEOS 15-inch Adventurer Overshoes when I know I might get my feet wet. I wear them over my hiking shoes and only pull them on when I need them. Their soles are tough, the Cordura uppers are water tight and they have several straps for adjusting the fit around your calf and above your laces.

Photog in DV dunes.jpg

A REUNION IN THE FIELD   Joining an Old Friend for New Adventures

A good friend is like a good sunrise -- a surprise that never gets old.

I'm pleased to join Rod Barbee for four workshops next year. We co-led workshops years ago until we found challenges that took us in different directions. Now we'll get together again for new adventures in some of our favorite places.

Rod is a wonderful photographer, teacher and friend. I know we both look forward to sharing the trail and the view with like-minded photographers again. It's the best way I know to renew old friendships and make new ones.


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