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A Day for the Earth

Some ways to celebrate our home.

Earth Day -- April 22, 2022 :: Good Things

Today is Earth Day. Let's find a way to celebrate it.

Bloodroot (Sanguinaria canadensis) is a spring woodland wildflower.

Go for a walk in the woods. Watch for songbirds and wildflowers. Maybe you'll find the last Bloodroot bloom. Take a trash bag with you and pick up litter along the way.

Plant a tree. Some communities have celebrations today or this weekend for both Earth Day and Arbor Day. Join them. If you can't help dig holes, bring cookies, coffee and lemonade for those who can.

Join a work day. Grab your gloves and roll up your sleeves. Help clear trails, pull invasive weeds or clean up winter trash in a park or preserve.

Teach a child about nature. Talk to them about the birds you see in the park or the backyard. Show them the trees and gardens waking up in the neighborhood.

Call or write a friend. Thank them for the memory of a good day you shared in a wild or not-so-wild place. Maybe you'll plan another day together.

Read about a scientist who studied a wild place or creature. His or her discoveries help us understand how the world around us works.

Write to your legislators. Ask them to support the laws that give us clean air and water; that preserve wild places; that slow global warming.

Earth Day is our day to celebrate our planet and all its wonders. Let's find some time to reflect on how remarkable and fragile our home is.

Learn more about Earth Day and how you can join the celebration.

Check your local newspaper and visit: Earth Day 2022

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